Why Artists for Future?

The real threat to our natural livelihood posed by climate change and natural disasters affects all of us. Even now, the impacts can be felt all around the world. The initiators of the Fridays-For-Future movement are right to talk about the greatest crisis for humanity.

They are supported by scientific arguments and a large community of scientists. The negative effects on our health, democracy and human rights can hardly be conceived unless swift action is taken. Art is affected as well, if less obviously so than other areas of society. The initiative Artists for Future wants to raise attention, focus art on its socio-political responsibility and contribute to generating support for the urgently necessary protests for more environmental und climate protection.

The statement we issued on 15 April 2019 on artistsforfuture.org is the result of a common effort by artists from all areas and was already signed by over 300 artists when publicized. Neither is there an institution behind our work, nor is there a plan to found one based on the website or the statement. We believe art should be decentralized. This supports the flourishing of artistic diversity and also helps strengthening the regional structures of the Fridays-For-Future movement.